Technology & Safety

Keeping our drivers and your freight safe

Safety training, maintenance and communication are must-haves for an effective trucking operation.

​According to our president, Vince Tarantini, “As our company evolved from a few trucks to nearly 100, we created the processes necessary to run a highly professional and efficient trucking operation. We owed it to our customers and ourselves to get it right… the first time. We invested in great people, technology, training and equipment. Most importantly, we created a safe environment for our people and our customers’ LTL and truckload requirements.”

We have an excellent CVOR rating from the Ministry of Transportation and CSA rating in the United States. We take great pride in our ability to track and truck our customers’ freight safely.


Adopting vital technology early

At Carmen, we prioritize technology and environmental sustainability. We were among the first to invest in fuel-efficient power units with automatic transmissions and trailer side skirts, which have reduced our carbon footprint by more than 12% and saved on fuel costs. We also use trailer tails on our long-haul cross-border equipment, putting us in a small group of environmentally conscious companies who do so.

We keep our fleet state-of-the-art and offer incentives for our drivers to participate in regular training. We were early adopters of electronic logging devices to ensure our drivers comply with Hours of Service regulations and get the rest they need.

In addition, we maintain real-time communication with leading edge in-cab technology and GPS positioning.

Trucking is driven forward by technology

Since Qualcomm first introduced satellite tracking in the 1980s, we’ve readily embraced the many improvements technology has brought to the trucking industry. It makes our company better and also makes our industry better as a whole.

We’re always looking for ways we can marry our personalized service with the advantages of innovations like:

  • Today’s scanning technology
  • Web based, real time shipment data
  • Customized reporting
  • GPS positioning
  • EDI technology
  • Electronic logging

And so much more…